Sunday, August 30, 2009

25th Annual Warriors Run

Winner Josphat Boit
It was a great day & night had by all, the 25th anniversary of the Warriors Festival was held in brilliant sunshine with a sea breeze keeping the runners & walkers cool, nearly 800 runners turned up for the gruelling 15km run up Knocknarea, the biggest year of runners ever, the crowd was on there feet the whole time, with the 1st runner Jospaht Boit coming in at a record breaking 0:53:04 the crowd went mental, the 1st local home was Turlough Conway in 0:59:11. The 1st woman home was Anne Fitzpatrick in 1:14:54 & not far behind was the 1st local woman Aisling Cawley in 1:18:32. Lots of celebratory pints of Guinness went down afterwards with both the Strand bar & The Bellavista packed to the max with happy campers, there was a 10min display of fireworks which were amazing to watch in the clear calm night, congratulations to all the runners & walkers & hope to see you there next year.
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Local surfer Aine came in at a very fast 1:23:53

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sligo open

Sligo Open Champion Aaron ReidRunner up Andrew Kilfeather
Gary Hall
It was a weekend of all sorts with howling onshore winds on the Saturday causing mayhem in the line up, then come Sunday lite offshores and a ever decreasing short period swell, they made the most of it thou and got the comp finished. Aaron Reid came up trumps to take the open and the U18, Andrew Kilfeather came 2nd in the open and won the longboard event. But if there was a entertainers trophy it would have to go to pint sized Gearad McDaid with his head stands, 360's and general fun antics, pleasing the crowd with clapping and laughter. A great day had by all.

Entertainer Gearad McDaid

Longboard Champion Andrew Kilfeather
John Coady

Too much time on ya hands

Karim Rejeb is a man with far too much time on his hands but he is using it wisely to entertain us all during these flat spells, check out this hilarious video on how to past time, hats off to you Mr. Rejeb you certainly made me laugh

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Me, me mate Dazza and U2

Me good mate Dazza

Wow what a frign nite that was, i managed to score some insane tickets for U2 last Saturday in Croke park, we were in a restricted area so when everywhere else in the stadium was wedged to the eyeballs with smelly armpits, farts and people pushing you left, right and centre we had the luxury of only a few around us and the outside walkway of the stage only 2m away! When U2 came on the stage you couldn't help it but admire how far they've come from the late 70's singing to only a few school mates to now when the cheer was that loud from the 80,000 strong crowd you could hardly hear the opening tune, as Bono himself walked on the cameras projected his image onto the massive 360 screen above, Bono had a grin as wide as Coke park in amazement at the crowd which was great to see that even he was taken back by it all, they belted out the tunes for just over 2 hrs, it was a great nite
cheers U2