Sunday, September 26, 2010

My dreams come true

Finally I managed to shoot Aileens from the water when it was barrelling, still smiling now and will be for a long time, big thanks to Pat the boat driver and everyone who made my day what it was
Follow your dreams

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's almost time

It most certainly has been a very rollercoaster ride for me the past week. I am now an unemployed bum, with finishing work at the end of last week you would think that i would be a happy chappy but the next day was a total freak out for me and it ended with me missing the swell of the summer in Clare. If I really wanted it I could've made it to Clare in time but my brain was just trying to juggle around what's about to happen in the months to come. Yes I am finally heading back to NZ for possibly good leaving behind the best bunch of people I have ever met, some bloody good mates in there, the last 6 years in particular have just blown me away with things I never thought I would see and to have the honor of photographing the rise of Irish big wave surfing and the people involved is a part of my life I will never forget. I truely believe the 100ft wave is possible here, it may be 10 years in the making but mark my words Ireland will break that boundary one day and I hope it's one of you guys. So why am I leaving? I have 2 nephews that don't know me and family that I have not seen in a long time, if they were living over here I wouldn't leave. So with all this rattling around in me noggin, i want to leave-no I don't want to leave-yes I do and so on I got a phone call from a guy I hadn't seen in years, Rory Martin rang to say he's opened a bar in New York called the "Blue Haven" and he wants some of my prints on his wall in big sizes, wow, that just blew me away and it really hit home that I was so lucky to be in Ireland doing what I did. Ontop of that Rory wanted me to sign them, it's a pleasure Rory and hopefully I'll be over at some stage to have a beer. I will keep shooting away where ever I get to and hopefully will have some stories to tell in the coming months. Anyway I hope to have a bit of a party before i leave so I will keep everyone posted with that, probably November I'd say

 Prints for Rory's bar the "Blue Haven"