Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movie of movies

Usually I wouldn't blog about this sorta thing but with excitement still running through my veins I just had to share. I went to see Transformers at the big screen, when I mean big I mean Imax 3D bloody huge. I go to the movies to basically see the impossible made possible which is generally Si Fi, normal movies I feel as though it would look and feel the same on a normal TV so I don't go to the flicks that much.
   I'm not a huge fan of 3D because if you're watching something that's not computer generated it can be as fluid as a mobile phone upload. But this is without a doubt in my mind the most visually stunning movie (apart from surfing movies of course) I have ever seen and seeing it on that massive white tarp Imax just made the experience even more mind blowing, the 3D is astonishing and a long way on from the daft Jaws 3D. I was completely captivated with the movie, at several times ducking for cover as objects seemed to hurtle straight towards me. The Transformers themselves a lot more detailed and the matrix style super slow motion showing that off. The story line was actually an interesting one with twists all the way.

  I left dazed and confused from what was and was not reality, to seperate the 2 just did not compute with what I just saw, so if you want to take my advice go see it in 3D at an Imax is a must for things to do this year, absolutely stunning