Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Steve and I go car hunting...Cooly Rocks On style

 I was like a kid in a candy store at the Cooly Rocks On in Coolangatta at the weekend grinning ear to ear as we stumbled upon epic car after epic car. It was incredible to see 1,200 cars of this stature all in one place, totally mind boggling. Everyone had come out to play and all the big kids were here to admire the shine, colours, chrome with supercharged goodness, over 100,000 people had turned out for the aw inspiring event. It's not just money that goes into these cars, it's more the imagination, time, effort and very personal touches that blows you away. Hats off to all that proudly showed their cars off, it was a dream for me to see this and my side kick Steve was blown away as well. If you missed it this year make sure you get to it next year, just sensational and a pure nuts day.

   There was so many impressive pieces of machinery that it was hard to pick a few, so here's 20+ out of 1,200. Happy days
Anyone that knows me well knows how much this symbol means to me, Respect

This is only a quarter of the crowd at any given time on Sunday!

This thing...well I'll let the photo do the talking

This is what your EH could look like Mr. Dingle

haha are you kidding me...Super Chromed, Super Orange and yeah Super Charged


Steve me side kick...or am I his side kick?

The detail and personal touch on this was almost too much to take

Ohhh my baby how I've missed you

Some were quite outrageous, imagine the wheel stands this does

The art work on this thing was astonishing

Steve luving this one aye

Daffy duck charging it

This guy scared me a little

Classic, one of my favourites

Attention to detail is more than impressive

Thursday, June 4, 2015

D-Bah air show

 .   After a bit of a screwed up week (totally my own doing) I needed to get back to my passion and just chill out and think about a few things. Life shouldn't be about worrying about shit that doesn't have any value in it and I have found myself increasingly getting worried about the stupid little things and winding myself up that much that I can't think straight due to the pressure of being unemployed. It's not fair on the people around you and it's definitely not fair on the people you care about most. I had a huge wake up call last week almost losing a friend that I value very much (once again totally my own doing) and I disrespected that person because I didn't listen and trust her at the time over something so fuckn stupid and insignificant. Why I did it I don't know and believe me it shook me up that much at the thought of losing that friend that I'm never going down that road again. So to try to get back to the true me and find myself again there was one way of doing that and that's go chase some waves to photograph to put that smile back on me that shouldn't have ever left.

.   So here's Day 1 of finding myself again and here's 2 fingers up at the little things that don't matter, the waves were a bit small but there were some impressive airs being punted and I hope you all enjoy the shots. Also there was this little grom out their that was shredding, if anyone knows who it is can you leave a message at the bottom as I want to pass the shots onto him. Ohh and thanks Tim for the advice on how to recover me lost photos.
The friendly type

You know what they're thinking..."crap the little burger surfs better than us"

A dude called Dale