Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ohh thank you Cyclone Victor

   Well I'm not a religious man but If I were I reckon me grandad "Victor" was looking down on us all thinking we all need some swell and boy did he deliver. Cyclone Victor was placed over the ocean for over a week in around the same spot wedged between Samoa and the Cook islands sending glorious swell straight to the east coasts of NZ and Australia. Right on cue too with many taking an extra long weekend for Australia day celebrations. The tides may not have been great and the wind teasing some without a sense of adventure but there were a hell of a lot of waves on offer for those who did a few miles and got the timing right.

   There was one morning in particular that was super glassy and solid enough producing some stunning barrels with the sun beaming through the back of the waves. I haven't had that much fun in a long time searching for waves not knowing what would be around the next corner. I still miss photographing big surf like mad but this swell not big in size still had a punch in it producing some entertaining photography.

   So here's a few shots in the name of Victor, the legend lives on

A shelf cloud storms towards Coffs Harbour
There are yummy slabs around, game on

It was raining that hard he was better off taking cover

This went unridden all day...

A backlit wave can produce some stunning greens

You'd almost think this is somewhere in Indo
Sand barrels

There was a bit of size out there at times too!