Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tonnta issue #7

Well it's one of my favourite things i wait for, it sorta crept up on me this time as for me it doesn't seem that long ago the last issue was out so a big congrats to everyone involved. Going by the cover it looks to be another great issue with Portrush area as the main story, a bit on Mexico and a few other suprises. Go grab yourself a copy before they run out again. By the way if anyone has a copy of Issue #5 they don't need could you email me at as I don't have any copies left, would be much apreciated, there's a limited edition 18"x12" print of mine up for grabs for the first to get me a copy.
Cool bananas

Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny old days

1. My bedroom is on the second floor and overlooks the backyard down to the back fence and into the backyard of the neighbours place. I was looking out the window of my bedroom on a particularly sunny hot day recently watching my flatmate's dog digging up the garden right down by the back fence. Curious to know what treasures Fin had buried there I looked on in anticipation for a few minutes while he was going for gold, next thing I heard was a loud and sharp "Oi!", shifting my eyes slightly up to over the fence into the neighbours backyard to see a stunning bikini clad woman laying down pointing at me with what I assume is the husband standing beside her, red faced and pissed off and both thinking I was perving at his wife. To make matters even worst I yelled out to him before even thinking what I was actually saying "Sorry mate, I was just looking at the dog"!!! This made him very agitated so as you would do I quickly closed the blinds, grabbed me keys, ran to the car and took off before he could come around with a baseball bat or something, not really the right thing to do.

2. I was in the dining room having me breakfast and noticed a big old slimy slug on the sliding door window moving slowly but steadily to somewhere new. I had a bit of a brainwave and proceeded to put some sweet raspberry jam in front of him to the right and then some really hot chili dipping sauce at equal a distance from him on the left to see which one he would be attracted to, if I was a betting man I would've put my money on the sweeter jam but after about 10 mins of slugging along he was all over the chili and loving it but something went wrong as when he had almost eaten it all Mr. sluggy pants just fell off, i think it was a bit much for him. And that black trail is his poo, you could actually see it moving inside him and coming out the other end...

Mr. Sluggy pants was not hurt in this experiment

3. My good mate Dave is a bit of a genius with the old video camera, I decided that my trusty old car was nearing it's end and with the clutch and brakes in not great shape we decided to have some fun with it so here's a clip from one of Dave's surfing videos of us having a funny old day...
Thanks to Dave for letting rip apart your dvd and put this segment up
clik on his blog here

Monday, June 21, 2010

Roll on Autumn

Blue skies, next to no wind, how long is this going to last. Great crane driving weather and sunbathing(if you're not a redhead!), shame the building industry has gone tits up. Roll on Autumn I say or a couple of hurricanes to unusually track north instead of east. Any swell that has come in recently has been on the small side with only the exposed dredging dry reefs showing a small bit of shape twice in a couple of months and to get it right you have to be pretty well clued in on what's out there. Ferg has the right idea to quickly and rightly so head downunder to take apart a few roaring forties storms and knowing the Ferg he will score bringing back with him a big smile and shitloads of stories. So I was looking through some shots today and came across a couple of shots from 2 very memorable sessions we had last Autumn/Winter. The right rarely surfed and this was the first time that we know of it had been surfed at the time with Paul O'kane taking to it like a fish in water and the left is a ledging heaving beast of a wave when the swell gets huge, Mikee Hamilton comfortably home on a medium size day at one of his favourite playgrounds, Mullaghmore. Ah memories are sweet...roll on Autumn

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr.Rejeb does it again

I love the stuff this guys does. The time and affort he must have to put into this would be painstaking, all for our viewing pleasure. Watch it all as it gets pretty insane at the end, i just don't know how he did the aerials.

2 weddings, some models, spring time & fresh meat

Been a while since my last ramblings but to be honest I'm working and the surf seems to be flat during the weekends so not alot to report. Althou my weekends have been busy with 2 weddings in scorching heat, well scorching for Ireland and me being a redhead didn't take to nicely to the big yellow fireball so alot of liquid was drunk to compensate, maybe too much... It's bloody amazing to see ya best mates getting married as it's one of a very few times in their's life when all the familys and friends from both sides get together and just have an awesome day, everyone is smiling, laughing and cheering plus a few crying, stories been told that would usually never come out. Cheers guys and gals for inviting me to your special day.
   Some random shots from my little Limux camera in the spring time as well, driving miles to these weddings on the black tarmac passing under static unimginative grey concrete structures everything seems lifeless but now and again amongst the concrete jungle we have created pops up a bit of colour from nature herself, so bright you just can not miss it, these only flower for about 4 weeks but the vast fields of them is pretty cool. Their's another random shot here where i parked the car on the main shopping street and when i returned a meat ruck was parked in front of me. It was a bit wierd as it was on a busy Saturday and loads of familys around with kids were freaking out, the guy was carrying these carcasses on his shoulder to the butcher with a real bloody pair of overalls on!
 Last but not least is a shot i took a while ago but it just reminds me of what is out there when the surf does come in. Don't be a sheep...go search as there's plenty out there

Suzanne & Joe
 Julie & Ronan
Me mate woke to this out his Hotel bedroom window the morning after the wedding!!