Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snapper rocks

   Shot down to Snapper yesterday, didn't really expect much as the swell was quite Sth. Down the line was really small but the take off at Snapper was a bit bigger and fun to watch as the swell just clipped it. A heap of groms out their having a blast learning fairly quickly what not to do with snapped boards and beatings the norm for the day. The sun was beating down and no amount of suncream was going to save my ginger flavoured pale skin from getting a roasting, so in and out of the shade was the order of the day.

   I asked some locals who this kid was in the orange wetsuit but I have a feeling they might've got mixed up with another kid that had just a small bit of orange on his wetsuit. So if the Mum of Reef Heazelwood could let me know if any of these shots is Reef I'd appreciate it, just post a comment at the bottom of this article. Also if you know who these others are that be cool if you could let me know, I'll throw a print your way if one of these is Reef too.
Houston, we have a problem

Flare up

Old school with a touch of new school, great to see young kids experimenting