Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wave porn

Right so, it's sunday morning and I can't sleep in. I just can't stay in bed & never have, I mean what's the point in lying there doing nothing so I decided to put a few shots up of a few empty waves. The first of which is kinda a funny story. I was in the pub back home with me mates the night before and I remember saying to them i'm only having a few jugs tonite as ******** is going to be filth in the morning, i'll pick yas up at 5am. Now this particular spot is not well known and is known to be very fickle so a crowd there is usually just us maybe 3 times a year. Well they all said it wasn't going to be great and were going to keep drinking. I left just before midnight and hit the hay, waking up I had butterflies and jumped in the trusty wagon and tore off to*********. It was still dark when I was putting the wetsuit on but i could hear it breaking, the wind was lite and offshore. I ended up taking this photo after surfing it by myself for 3 hrs, & yes that is marram grass, meaning lots of sand and one hell of a perfect long point break. By the time i got out of me wetsuit it had turned onshore then me mates turned up. Me still frothing at what i am saying is the longest rides i have ever had was telling the boys they missed it, of course they didn't believe me...until I got the photo developed. Most of the photos below are early morning & empty so why sleep in if you're missing it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To shoot stills or video Aileens style

At heart my passion is surfing photography but i've always had it in the back of my mind to do some video as well & seeing some of the crazy videos coming out of Ireland recently has to inspire you to look seriously at it but this brings me to my problem, when you're always by yourself doing this sorta of thing do you stop shooting stills and do video for the day? If it's epic you might miss out on the photo of a life time in full res and the oportunity of getting me first cover. So a while back it got me thinking why not make a collar that'll fit on my big lense on my stills camera with a mount top and bottom so you can have the lense mounted on a tripod with a video camera mounted to the top of the lense...sure i've only got a limux compact but it records 720 HD and not too bad as well. So I set out with the idea in mind & gave it to my good mate Graham who took all the measurements and carved it out of 1 solid block of aluminium & did a cracking job I must say. I know i have put this in me blog before but this time i have the results. So it was at Aileens or is it Aileen's? Who cares, anyways it was at the cliffs of Moher earlier this year, below is the stills results and at the bottom is the video result which you're better off to go into youtube and view it in 720 HD, the video camera is mounted on top in the centre with a height adjuster to allow for the slightly different angle when you zoom in, works a bloody treat if you ask me.

Me collar