Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parrty time Irish style

On the way down
Well the game was pretty average from an Irish point of view but when it's like that the entertainment is the spectators. Some of the outfits were so funny with 2 guys pictured below wearing lycra suits in Irish colors and if you look behind them on the left you'll see me in the photo laughing at them. Americans were dressed in there stars and stripes with great pride especially when they scored a well deserved try at the end. Getting in and out of the stadium was a breeze and back into town even easier, maybe Auckland should take a few tips from New Plymouth...
  Once we got to town we went straight to the big tent outside Peggy Gordons and had 1 of the best nights I've ever had in NZ. The Irish educating us Kiwis how to party, not a fight all night, no agro, no one was cursing at the top of there voice when losing a drinking race. The irish were just stoked to be there, smiling, laughing and easing back a few pints enjoying the band that rocked the whole place, it really took me back to the west of Ireland and with all the green around, Irish accents and smoking hot dark haired pale skinned young ladies it felt like I was actually back in the green Isle. The band had so much energy, I would without a doubt go see them again.
   Anyway it was a great weekend, congrats to Ireland for the win and a big congrats to USA for stepping up and playing some great rugby, thanks to all the Irish for a great day and night.

Almost but not quite

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paul Rennick RIP mate

“Hey mate how's it going?”
I replied “Pretty good, nice little swell here”
The young dude sitting on a bar stool outside an Amusement centre looking over my shoulder at the surf repleid back”You Australian mate?” in his best Aussie accent
“No, I'm from New Zealand”
Trying to wind me up the dude replies”You're sure mate, you sound like an Aussie”
“Yes I'm sure, any good surf spots around here?”
  Now he stands up and says”Couldn't tell an Aussie me secret spots now, you sure you're a Kiwi, say 'fish n chips' then” and proceeded to grin that cheeky grin when I said it. Back in 2000 that was my first time I met Paul Rennick, a real character that couldn't pass up a chance for a laugh. That nite we met in the Strand bar and had a good few too many beers exchanging surf stories, over the next 11 years we had some bloody good times.
   He's a bit of eye candy for the ladies. I remember one night in Dublin we were walking out of a pub and he cheekily decided to grab a handful of the young gorgeous woman's cheek that was in front of us, she turned around and looked at me with a huge frown and was about to say something and I said “oh no it wasn't me it was him” pointing to Paul grinning away beside me. Expecting we'd both get a slap, she took one look at Paul, her eyes lit up and she smiled at him and said “Well hello, I'll forgive you if you buy me a drink”!!
Paul lived life, he loved to party and loved the ocean dedicating himself between surfing and kite surfing. He loved his family and help looked after his dad Tony, fundraising was a thing he enjoyed and took great pride in it, always one to help others out. Paul mate we all going to miss you, thanks so much for all the good times, smiles and laughter. You truely made all our lives brighter. You were a big part of my life in Ireland and a huge part of Strandhill life for everyone
RIP mate.

 Emily sent me this great story of Paul and I just had to share it with everyone
 "Hey Aaron, thats a nice tribute. Its so sad, I cant belive it. I was telling my friend about him yesterday, and I told her about one of the first times I met him- I was working in Outer Point, and this fella hobbles in on crutches saying he has a wetsuit he needs fixed.
I was like, oh yeah, no problem, they can patch up a seam pretty quick. He starts taking it out of the bag, first the top half, then a leg, then another leg split open from ankle to hip- he was telling me the guys from the ambulance had cut it up to get it off him when he crashed his kiteboard, even though he was begging them not to ruin his good wetsuit!
I was a bit dubious sending it back, but when they heard his story they decided he deserved a new one! What a character, he'll be missed."

Kasia emailed me this story as well
"Very sad, I still can't believe it. Paul was such a character!
Few years back at one of our kite gatherings in Strand Bar (and probably after few too many drinks) I finally managed to find my "missing" hubby deeply in conversation with guys at the bar. I approached him from behind, gave him a cheeky bum squeeze, put my arms around his waist... and then somebody said - "you know his girlfriend is just around the corner?!" Only then Paul turned around with a cheeky smile!!! It was first time I really met Paul :-) ...

Ken sent this in,
First time I met Paul I was working in Dublin on a building site. It's a long time ago now. It was a Friday morning and I had arrived on the site and getting stuck into work so I could leave early. I had been chatting to him through the day and at break time I was at the van getting something when he comes outside. He spotted the surfboard in the back and came running over," where are you going with that," I thought to myself, who is this joker. I said I was heading for Sligo after lunch for the weekend. With that he was straight in,"I'm going with you, don't leave here without me". We had great craic all the way down and shared many a Friday journey to Sligo while he was living in Dublin. From that day on we where friends. He showed me some secret spots to surf and I convinced him to give kiting ago and sold him his first kite. I'm forever grateful that I can call him a friend. When I heard the news my heart sank a thousand league's. To Tony, his family & Blathin I am truly sorry for your loss. Thinking of you all. To Paul wherever you are I know your dreaming up some crazy idea that will somehow come together. Your friend forever. Kenny

RIP Paul. Sincere condolences to family, friends and all who loved you. My heart goes to Blaithin."
Kite Kasia