Sunday, May 17, 2015

The power of light and some foamy bits

  I've dabbled only a small bit into light photography but it always amazes me how they come out, it's so much fun playing around and exploring something different apart from surf. I did a couple of these shots last year but the ones in the tunnel were only done last week, it's pretty dodgy down their at night and luckily enough I had me mate Steve to give me a hand and watch out for anyone thinking my camera gear would be better off in their possession!

  I was stoked that I could get someone to give me a hand and we only spent an hour or so getting these shots in the tunnel. Just for any skeptics out there, there is no manipulation in photoshop done, and each photo is one single exposure so no photo stacking. And yes for the spark photo I had a fire extinguisher on hand just in case...ha funny thing, when I did my first spark attempt I did the rookie mistake of being overly too excited and forgot to put my hood up and a blob of molten steel wool landed right on top of me head! Still got a melted hole there haha, didn't do that again.

  There's also a couple of randoms from a day down at Coolangatta where there was a bit of foam around, I missed the good day the day before but it was still hilarious watching these 2 guys having fun amongst it all.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Goldie fires but where is everyone...?

Post Anzac wave
   Another early wake up last weekend and decided to head a bit south of Surfers on the trusty old bus to try get some shots of somewhere different. Arriving down their the winds just had a smigeon too much west in it and just wasn't tickling me fancy at all. So back on the bus and headed back north a bit to Burleigh heads and that was also somewhat crap so yup back on the bus again. At this stage I wish I had a car as this next bus trip wouldn't take me all the way to me next port of call Sth Straddie.

   Finally after another bus transfer and a taxi I arrived at the Spit, super clean 3-4ft and pumping as I looked back towards Surfers. Wanting to waste no time I waited for the boat taxi to take me over to Sth Straddie, I could tell it was busy over their as there was 10 guys paddling over and another 10 waiting for a boat. Asking the driver can he drop me off beside the breakwater where it was calm, he asked me who I am and I said I'm know one I just wanna take a few shots. Hahaha big mistake as he refused to take me over, great start to the morning travelling for nearly 3hrs and not one ok surf photo!

   So anyway I decided to shoot from the Spit and from the pier. You know we as surfers and photogs are a bit like sheep alright and I'm glad it worked out the way it did as I got some pretty cool concrete jungle shots. I looked over at Sth Straddie and there must've been over 60 people out there fighting for waves and another 20 guys just in front of me off the Spit dropping in on each other. Then I looked along the coast from the pier down to Surfers through me lense and there were hardly anyone to be seen, maybe a dozen at best stretched out along the coast and there were some pretty nice waves rolling in...mostly empty!

   Here are the shots of that part of the coast, I'll let you judge if the waves are any good...

My first bus stop, wrong side of Surfers

Not really doing it, time to head back north

Sth Straddie baaaaa
Empty I

Empty II

No sheep here

Empty III

Empty IV, how many rights in this shot?

The Soul of Surfers

Down under

Back in Surfers and still only a few out