Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is this the ultimate travel boardbag?

Ever wondered if it was possible to get a boardbag that would surpass the pressures of the lovely people in baggage at the airports, well the answer could be here, check this video out of SOMA air bags, pretty damn impressive, only downside i can think of is that it could get punctured by the friendly baggage handlers but if you read the FAQ's on there site it sounds pretty strong to me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shipsterns blowing minds

I think surfing this place is pretty ballsy, the wipeouts these guys get is insane but they just pop up laughing and grab another as if nothing happened, nothing short of incredible

Friday, July 3, 2009

Surfer mag

Even with the flat spell up here this is turning out to be an amazing first month of blogging, Surfer mag has just done an article on Ireland by Rusty Long in the Big issue which only comes out once a year, they have used a couple of my shots along with fellow snapper Mickey Smith, a big thanks to Mickey for giving me the opportunity to add a couple of shots and introducing me to Rusty's bro Greg and tow partner Twiggy Baker when they were over here, totally stoked. Over the moon that alot of the shots in there are of Fergal Smith as he really was the stand out surfer on the day pulling into some bullshit barrels, especially at Mullaghmore, i think it's a great feat to get photos in one of the top surf mags in the world, well done Ferg, congrats. Note to one of the photos of mine in there of Tom Lowe's brutal wipe out, Tom recovered well after his arm wrenching accident but now i believe he's gone and done it again but this time a SUP might've hit him on the shoulder to pop it out, i don't know the full story, only the guys there do so i'm not gonna make any assumptions, but more importantly get well Tom and looking froward to seeing ya amongst again soon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Surfer's Path Dream

"Holy shit, you gotta be joking, is this a crank email?", was my first thought when i got an email from Alex Dick-Read at the prestigious mag The Surfer's Path asking if i'd be interested in submitting some photos for a possible portfolio, well hells bells yeah. As yas can probably tell i was over the moon about it all. I was like an excited kid waiting for Santa for the mag to come out. When i got the mag i was even more blown away, to see the preview in digi format is one thing but to see it on paper in the mag is just outta this world, all 12 pages of it all, such an honor especially when I was in the company of such greats as Gary Young and his bamboo boards, and the Long brothers along with their epic photos of the northern Teahupoo, so it seems fitting that the opening photo of mine is of Greg sitting in the channel at Aileens. Am really amped that they ran this photo cause it really shows the power and aggressiveness of Aileens.
So a huge thanks to all the surfers in my photos who have made my dream come true, and last and not least thanks to Alex, you're a legend, cheers mate.