Monday, January 18, 2010

Mullaghmore kicks 2010 off

Well it was a over a month since any decent swell hit up here and only a few were around to grab some fun waves at Mullaghmore. Thankfully the big thaw had happened and there was no ice skating getting there! I decided to shoot from the land for a change and it was alot drier! Althou i did miss the excitement of being out there. Easkey grabbed the rope and was first to tow and got a bit of a foamy one but still some size in it and very very shallow. Neil grabbed one but then they had some running problems with the ski and had to retire early. Paul and Barry swapped around and fed off each other carving it up bagging a few waves along with Shane and youngster Peter who took this gnarly vertical drop, it was pretty heavy looking. It wasn't anywhere as big as they hoped for but it was a good practice session for them all with a little sun out as well, a bit warmer than the recent cold spell...
Easkey on a foamy slippery face

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow tubing

Snow, ice and more snow. I was working back home in the middle of the Southern Alps for over 2 years seeing 3 harsh winters and there was only 2 days we never made it to work, annual snow fall of 1300mm and annual rainfall of 5700mm!! How did they do it, grit lots of grit, So in Ireland how do you not have enough grit, a country that has an abundance of rock, sure i can understand the salt thing but the grit no way, their's no excuse. People out there not being able to get out of there houses since Xmas and have no running water so they have to resort to dirty well water, does the government give a shite. NO!! So if you have a neighbour go and check on them especially the more matured and wise. Anyways Harry decided to do some snow tubing and it was heavy going, some smokn barrells went down...2 snapped boards and numerous ice cream headaches

Friday, January 1, 2010

My last Irish new years

Here's a clip of my last Irish new years, it was alot of fun but knowing i won't be here for the next one was sad, but hey it's been a great 10 years and i wouldn't change a thing. Thanks to Seamie & Seamie & the rest of the band, the Strand bar staff & the Byrne's & also to all my good mates & everyone else who was there having the craic, was a primo nite that went on for a good bit. Bring on 2010 & all the wind, swell & adventures with it, it's gonna be a cracker.