Saturday, October 31, 2009

A week in the life of Al & Cotty

Al and Cotty's amazing week, it all started on the 20th of October when Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton drove 7 hrs thru the night for one of the biggest sessions ever surfed at Aileens, the only other surfers who dared take her on was Fergal and Shane, with 3 other skis in the water watching. They surfed what is been said as the biggest day surfed there, you can see some photos of mine on After that Al and Cotty then had to drive 7hrs back up to Portrush then hope on a plane to Oregon via Heathrow airport to compete in the Nelscott Reef Classic on the 22nd of October doing UK and Ireland proud. After geting back a few days later there was a call on for Aileens again, not so big this time but good for a paddle so they drove down 7hrs again thru the night to surf it at day break on the 27th October, Al paddled into a few nice ones and then they towed a few along with Paul O'Kane, and if that was not enough Crab was going off so they then surfed that for 4 hrs before packing up and heading back up north, but this time instead of another 7hr drive it ended up being a days drive as the van broke down. These 2 guys have heart and soul when it comes to there passion, surfing, they don't winge about fat waves and being bored, they're just stoked to be out there surfing and having the honor and skill to ride these monsters, fair balls to yas, yas are a bigger man than i'll ever be. hahaha
Have just found out that they have also have been accepted for nomination for the Billabong XXL, so congrats guys and well done.
Andrew Cotton
Aileens October