Friday, July 10, 2015

Cruisng the coast

   Still cruising around taking the odd shots here and their, nothing major but a few fun days thou, it never really gets biggish but it sure as hell is consistent. It doesn't matter if it's 3ft or 33ft I still enjoy taking these shots as the passion for surfing will never leave my blood even if I'm not currently surfing myself. I still enjoy just getting out and seeing what mother nature delivers us all to enjoy is always exciting, you have to respect her and not abuse what we are so lucky to enjoy. So here's a few from the last month or so of super relaxed days cruising the coast.

   Happy days
I've wanted a shot like this for so long, stoked

As Bruce Brown would say "TallyHohhh"

Hide and Seek

Top Kiwi surfer Paige Hareb

My hire car "Snowflake" the Barina enjoying the view