Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Surfer's Path Dream

"Holy shit, you gotta be joking, is this a crank email?", was my first thought when i got an email from Alex Dick-Read at the prestigious mag The Surfer's Path asking if i'd be interested in submitting some photos for a possible portfolio, well hells bells yeah. As yas can probably tell i was over the moon about it all. I was like an excited kid waiting for Santa for the mag to come out. When i got the mag i was even more blown away, to see the preview in digi format is one thing but to see it on paper in the mag is just outta this world, all 12 pages of it all, such an honor especially when I was in the company of such greats as Gary Young and his bamboo boards, and the Long brothers along with their epic photos of the northern Teahupoo, so it seems fitting that the opening photo of mine is of Greg sitting in the channel at Aileens. Am really amped that they ran this photo cause it really shows the power and aggressiveness of Aileens.
So a huge thanks to all the surfers in my photos who have made my dream come true, and last and not least thanks to Alex, you're a legend, cheers mate.

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