Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first ever cover and my first blog

Well things are changing around here pretty quick, not so long ago i was too frightened to even look at a computer or digital camera,eventually i bit the bullet and followed the rest of the pack to see what the craic is all about, just over 3 years on now and i have my first ever mag cover so i'd thought i'd celebrate by having a few beers and then getting the bright spark of an idea of doing a blog, which will probably be my downfall as i don't update anything too much but i will defo give it a go aye. Anyway i'm over the frign moon that i got my first cover, it's on the "Outsider" magazine which funny enough isn't a surf mag! But i'm still stoked as stoked can be, Al Mennie is the man who made it for me, without his ballsy approach to it on this day the cover wouldn't have happened, hats off to ya Al

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