Wednesday, December 16, 2009

XMAS is here TONNTA issue 5

Every issue of Tonnta due to come out i bombard Wayne with txt and phone calls asking when will it hit the shelves as i get really excited and want it now. It's a great Irish mag and this issue looks to be the best yet. Wayne, Graham and Paudie have worked hard to get this out before Xmas so keep an eye on the shelves in the coming week or so, one hell of a stocking filler. It's an awesome cover as well, something different, keep up the good work guys and Merry Xmas
Ho Ho Ho Ginger Santa
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  1. hey arron im a keen surfer and love the tonnta mag. but i cant get a hold of the 1st issue. do you know where i can get one. no surf shop has it. tonnta dont have any left either!