Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow tubing

Snow, ice and more snow. I was working back home in the middle of the Southern Alps for over 2 years seeing 3 harsh winters and there was only 2 days we never made it to work, annual snow fall of 1300mm and annual rainfall of 5700mm!! How did they do it, grit lots of grit, So in Ireland how do you not have enough grit, a country that has an abundance of rock, sure i can understand the salt thing but the grit no way, their's no excuse. People out there not being able to get out of there houses since Xmas and have no running water so they have to resort to dirty well water, does the government give a shite. NO!! So if you have a neighbour go and check on them especially the more matured and wise. Anyways Harry decided to do some snow tubing and it was heavy going, some smokn barrells went down...2 snapped boards and numerous ice cream headaches

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  1. That's some barrell, really like the snow photos and your blog as well