Sunday, August 22, 2010

Irish coast guard rescue exercise

I was coming back from the Aran islands and the coast guard rescue helicopter did an exercise on the back of the ferry, it was pretty cool to watch considering the ferry was still motoring along at i'm guessing around 20knots. Here's a short clip of it

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  1. Hey Aaron!

    Great little video there! As surfers we forget how important these guys are in times of danger. I had a great battle with the Goverment this year when they tried to cut 24 hour rescue service in waterford down to only day time cover to save 1 million euro a year. I started up a facebook page and got 27,000 people to join and we done a protest on Tramore beach. Lets just say the Goverment changed there mind on the cuts and we now have 24hr cover in the south east untill 2023 :) The coastguard crew are amazing people and deserve a lot of respect.

    Big fan of your work and looking forward to seeing more this coming season. Stay safe bro :)