Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rags to riches

Took a bit of a tiki tour at the weekend...along with 500 other surfers. Raglan was pretty wedged, you couldn't even get a car park at Manu or Whale bay! I was stoked myself as this was only the 2nd time I've ever been to Raglan and this time it was pumping. Staying in the local caravan park there was feck all sleep had with some nut bag coming home drunk screaming and crying her boyfriend dumped her, woke everyone up and continued for 3 hours, I'd dump her too! Althou it allowed me to be up at the crack of dawn checking out the bay. When you first round the corner the waves take your breath away, then as you look around you notice more and more multi million dollar houses. You can't but wonder if they have surfing in there blood or they just like the view of all the beat up cars crammimg up the roads.
  Seeing that everyone seemed to be focused on the points I decided to extend my travels a bit more on the way home and found a huge left at the bottom of a valley, and an Indo looking left and right, sweet days work.
Morning light


Not a soul in sight


Impressions of Indo II

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