Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parrty time Irish style

On the way down
Well the game was pretty average from an Irish point of view but when it's like that the entertainment is the spectators. Some of the outfits were so funny with 2 guys pictured below wearing lycra suits in Irish colors and if you look behind them on the left you'll see me in the photo laughing at them. Americans were dressed in there stars and stripes with great pride especially when they scored a well deserved try at the end. Getting in and out of the stadium was a breeze and back into town even easier, maybe Auckland should take a few tips from New Plymouth...
  Once we got to town we went straight to the big tent outside Peggy Gordons and had 1 of the best nights I've ever had in NZ. The Irish educating us Kiwis how to party, not a fight all night, no agro, no one was cursing at the top of there voice when losing a drinking race. The irish were just stoked to be there, smiling, laughing and easing back a few pints enjoying the band that rocked the whole place, it really took me back to the west of Ireland and with all the green around, Irish accents and smoking hot dark haired pale skinned young ladies it felt like I was actually back in the green Isle. The band had so much energy, I would without a doubt go see them again.
   Anyway it was a great weekend, congrats to Ireland for the win and a big congrats to USA for stepping up and playing some great rugby, thanks to all the Irish for a great day and night.

Almost but not quite

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