Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waves of Deception

  When you look at a photo sometimes it's hard to know how big or small it really it is. I remember one day at Aileens standing on the cliff watching perfecton throw, barrel and spit. Pondering how big it actually was I guessed around 25ft on the face on the set waves.

  A couple of guys turned up beside me and started hooting and was contemplating going out. I hadn't seem them here before and was a bit concerned about if they could handle it out there. So I asked them if they had surfed here before and they had never been here, I suggested to them they might want to wait until the tow boys arrive so they can see the size of it. They asked me "why are they going to tow it, it looks to be about double over head". Looking at them with a smile I said "it's a little bigger than that, best you wait a little before you climb down the cliff".

  As the skis rounded the headland I could see that I had underestimated it. When finally someone towed in it was at least 30ft with some of the sets 40ft. The guys beside me couldn't believe what they were seeing as someone came out of the barrel with the spray on their heels. They turned around to me and just simply said "thanks".

So anyway here's a few shots from NZ with no one out, how big or small is it...

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