Saturday, April 13, 2013

Confession, I'm sorry to all...

Strandhill soul

   Well straight to it I guess. Got a phone call from me old boss in Ireland about a job...I DECLINED it!!! I know, I know, I know, what the hell was I doing.

   With great regret I said no even thou my heart's still in Ireland, I'm sorry to all over there. If the job offer had been made before I came to Australia I would have taken it. There are a few reasons why I threw away the oportunity to see all me mates again in Strandhill, chase the big surf and drink a frign decent pint of Guinness. For starters it was in Kilkenny which as you all know is miles away from Strandhill, it would have been 6 days a week so I would not have gotton back to the Hill that often. And the money was a third compared to what I'm getting here, also at the end of this job I was intending to come to Ireland for a month where I can catch up with everyone over a pint or 12.

   I'm not getting any younger, so now I have to make logical grown up decisions for my future, I have a chance of a lifetime here in Oz to set myself up nicely for my more relaxing years. It was the hardest decision I have had to make since the one I made to leave Ireland. To this day there's not a day passes that I don't think of Ireland, I'm sorry to all and I miss it all so much, sitting in the Strand telling stories of shooting from a small rib boat in big seas and howling winds watching me mates man up and tackle the heavy cold water barrels.

   Hopefully with the way work is here I'll be able to come over every 2 years for a month or so. It's going to make it even more special to me when I do come over, so here's to the future and seeing everyone at the end of this job, Sláinte.

Tom DH gliding on my favourite wave in Ireland

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