Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snapper to Greenmount, barrels & drop ins

 Gagging to see some half decent surf I trotted off to Snapper rocks, being busy at work and the operation I haven't seen any decent clean surf in Oz since Tassie last year. Once in Coolangatta the walk around from Greenmount beach is pretty stunning, snapping a few on the way to Snapper. It's a cool setup here with the walkway taking you right by the ocean enjoying the view and the sunrise. I forgot how amazing the colours can be in the water when the sun hits the surf just right, nature at her best.
   Greenmount and Rainbow bay was fairly mellow but, Snapper was a total different story with irratic wobly story to the waves as they first jacked up just before the rocks, peeling down the line further as a cleaner line. One thing I did notice was a lot of blatant dropping in and a bit of agro, I was watching one guy in particular that sat about 50m down from the takeoff at Snapper and he'd watch someone take the gnarly drop and pull into the barrel then he'd disrespectfully turn around and paddle for the same wave. Who does that? Why? How did this person think it was ok to drop in on someone in the frign barrel? I don't care if he's the best surfer in the world it still doesn't give anyone the right to do this, he not only did it once but at least 3 times while I was watching causing each surfer to bail, and if you have been to Snapper it's not a nice spot to get hammered because of someone elses incompetence. Personally I can never understand this side of surfing, surfing is meant to be about having fun, enjoying the feeling of being in the ocean and riding one of natures treasures. Having a laugh and most of all bringing smiles to yourself and the people around you, not being a feckn prized prick ruining everyones day just because you can't handle the drop that someone else can.
this guy's got no respect and again the pic below, if you know him tell him to pull his head in.

Another drop in by someone else
   Right so, that little rant over hahaha. Their was a few decent lenses out and about too and a "Red" camera, I was wondering at the time if there was something going on. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed in me photos that Occy was ripping the place apart. So I was stoked I finally got to catch some of his magic as he's been someone I've always looked up to, a bloody legend. It was fairly busy in the lineup and  some interesting drops been taken at Snapper, very entertaining to even just sit there and watch it all. I also went up to the surf club for lunch, they have the best view up there and the best food. I had an amazing Thai beef salad, it was that frign good I will be going back again, big thanks to the lovely waitress that recomended it and a thanks to the chef. The waves during the day weren't massive to my usual shooting locations but it was good to see some surfing again and a dreamy and beautiful wave just peeling and peeling and peeling. What a place, definately going back there and hopefully i might enjoy a beer or 2 with the legend Occy at some stage and exchange surf stories.

Traffic jam

Early morning solo mission!?

A whale giving me a wave, i swear it was waving at me





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