Sunday, May 17, 2015

The power of light and some foamy bits

  I've dabbled only a small bit into light photography but it always amazes me how they come out, it's so much fun playing around and exploring something different apart from surf. I did a couple of these shots last year but the ones in the tunnel were only done last week, it's pretty dodgy down their at night and luckily enough I had me mate Steve to give me a hand and watch out for anyone thinking my camera gear would be better off in their possession!

  I was stoked that I could get someone to give me a hand and we only spent an hour or so getting these shots in the tunnel. Just for any skeptics out there, there is no manipulation in photoshop done, and each photo is one single exposure so no photo stacking. And yes for the spark photo I had a fire extinguisher on hand just in case...ha funny thing, when I did my first spark attempt I did the rookie mistake of being overly too excited and forgot to put my hood up and a blob of molten steel wool landed right on top of me head! Still got a melted hole there haha, didn't do that again.

  There's also a couple of randoms from a day down at Coolangatta where there was a bit of foam around, I missed the good day the day before but it was still hilarious watching these 2 guys having fun amongst it all.

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