Monday, June 21, 2010

Roll on Autumn

Blue skies, next to no wind, how long is this going to last. Great crane driving weather and sunbathing(if you're not a redhead!), shame the building industry has gone tits up. Roll on Autumn I say or a couple of hurricanes to unusually track north instead of east. Any swell that has come in recently has been on the small side with only the exposed dredging dry reefs showing a small bit of shape twice in a couple of months and to get it right you have to be pretty well clued in on what's out there. Ferg has the right idea to quickly and rightly so head downunder to take apart a few roaring forties storms and knowing the Ferg he will score bringing back with him a big smile and shitloads of stories. So I was looking through some shots today and came across a couple of shots from 2 very memorable sessions we had last Autumn/Winter. The right rarely surfed and this was the first time that we know of it had been surfed at the time with Paul O'kane taking to it like a fish in water and the left is a ledging heaving beast of a wave when the swell gets huge, Mikee Hamilton comfortably home on a medium size day at one of his favourite playgrounds, Mullaghmore. Ah memories are sweet...roll on Autumn

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