Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 weddings, some models, spring time & fresh meat

Been a while since my last ramblings but to be honest I'm working and the surf seems to be flat during the weekends so not alot to report. Althou my weekends have been busy with 2 weddings in scorching heat, well scorching for Ireland and me being a redhead didn't take to nicely to the big yellow fireball so alot of liquid was drunk to compensate, maybe too much... It's bloody amazing to see ya best mates getting married as it's one of a very few times in their's life when all the familys and friends from both sides get together and just have an awesome day, everyone is smiling, laughing and cheering plus a few crying, stories been told that would usually never come out. Cheers guys and gals for inviting me to your special day.
   Some random shots from my little Limux camera in the spring time as well, driving miles to these weddings on the black tarmac passing under static unimginative grey concrete structures everything seems lifeless but now and again amongst the concrete jungle we have created pops up a bit of colour from nature herself, so bright you just can not miss it, these only flower for about 4 weeks but the vast fields of them is pretty cool. Their's another random shot here where i parked the car on the main shopping street and when i returned a meat ruck was parked in front of me. It was a bit wierd as it was on a busy Saturday and loads of familys around with kids were freaking out, the guy was carrying these carcasses on his shoulder to the butcher with a real bloody pair of overalls on!
 Last but not least is a shot i took a while ago but it just reminds me of what is out there when the surf does come in. Don't be a sheep...go search as there's plenty out there

Suzanne & Joe
 Julie & Ronan
Me mate woke to this out his Hotel bedroom window the morning after the wedding!!

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