Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snapper rocks with usual!

     Waking up early keen as to get down early on the old bus to Snapper rocks as a good swell was forecast. Not anywhere near big for Irish standards but bigger than usual for this place 2.4m@12sec from the E, when I came up to the the Kirra surf roundabout and glanced to my left I knew they fecked up the foreast. Would be lucky if it was 2m so a bit of a let down, but I didn't really come down to photograph the long rides this time, it was more for the carnage that happens off the rock. And today was no less frightening out their than any other day, drop ins while people in the barrel, running into people and some gnarly wipe outs. Everyone seems happy enough it happens so I'm more than happy to take shots of the chaos, it's hairy watching it all unfold through the day but it's bloody entertaining to watch. Pretty sure this has to be the only break in the world where this behavior seems to be the norm! So anyway here's a few shots from the day, I've only put a couple of carnage shots up as it may stir it up a bit too much...

Superman impression

Not too sure how this ended...

Stephanie Gilmore showing why she's World Champ

There was some nice ones coming through

This guy's on a longboard and paddles in with Baseball GLOVES on!

They collided big time and this dude went flying

Some locals hung out to dry


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