Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snapper to Kirra - 2 days of contrast

  The first day the sun was beaming but the waves were very erratic breaking all over the place. Surfers were coming in and saying it was such hard work out their trying to find the right spot down by Kirra with the shifting peaks. Of course I had forgotten me hat and the sunscreen just wasn't cutting it giving me a slightly lobster look after not even an hour exposed to the elements. At least the sun was out making it a pleasure to shoot getting crisp shots and beautiful colours.

   The second day was a complete different story, I was sitting in me flat looking out at the gloomy day of Surfers wondering what to do as the winds were forecast to go onshore. Deciding to check the weather update again for the 10th time, the forecast had done a u-turn predicting a whole day of SSW and some breaks in the pouring rain every now and again! Nothing worst than being on public transport to get to somewhere as quickly as possible, it was still pelting down when I got off the bus in Coolangatta and by the time I got to the Rainbow surf club I was drenched! There was only 1 place to be to shoot today for crisp photos and that was in the water but I'm kinda not built for that so the next best place was in the surf club on there glorious balcony sipping a few beers.

   The surf was organized, clean and bigger than 2 days before but with the rain I knew there was going to be no crisp photos shooting from land. That doesn't bother me too much as this is a passion of mine and I've never been driven by money, mags or sponsors. Shooting in Ireland you learn this very quickly and learn to live and deal with it as you're bloody lucky to get a good size swell with a sunny day. Don't get me wrong, if I get a really good shot I will send it into the mags but that's not what drives me to shoot surf. Anyway there were some cracking waves ridden and some were missed having a beer in hand instead of me camera but here's a few of what I got from the 2 days.



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