Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 Billabong Easkey Open - Finals Day

It was a crackn day at Easkey. Once again the sun was out most of the time, offshore winds and a good swell running. Easkey Britton said "this is the best conditions for the whole 2 days in the history of the event from what I can remember". The contest itself was blasted into full throttle with everyone making the most of excellent surf. Every final was too close to predict a winner, with the contestants pushing each other wave after wave. It made for great entertainment watching from the grass area below the towering caslte ruins. Well done to all who entered the event, i haven't got all the results yet, but these will be posted when I get the full information. I do know that Fergal Smith took out the open mens and Nicole Morgon won the womens open. Congratulations. Here's a few pics from the day

Clik here for the full results


  1. Hi Aaron... great shots... sick day... did you get any shots of the SUP final??

  2. Great shots sham, fair play to you to shooting the whole weekend, see you tomorrow, Richie

  3. cheers everyone for the comments, it was a pleasure shooting yas all