Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great to be back on the west

  Blimey, ever since I came back to the good old west coast it's been non stop. Within days of first arriving back I was sitting in a boat watching Aileens do her thing. A week later I was shooting the Easkey open for 2 days with the sun beaming down, and the surf was pumping! 2 days after that Mullaghmore reared it's head, allowing me to get a few snaps from the water angle with even more sunshine. Then yesterday was a cloudless day, I was thinking this can't get any better. Then along came today - I went for a bit of a drive to Glencar waterfall, as I was driving along I looked at the lake to see a perfect mirror image of the mountains. It was absolutely stunning, think I sat there for about 2 hours, enjoying the view, the sun and the chirping birds. Life is bloody great, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to all this.
  So here's a few shots from yeasterday and today