Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sun & Fun @ Mullaghmore

I didn't really expect the sun out all day and man did the boys have some fun out there. Out on the water there was Mikee Hamilton, Dave Lavelle, Paul O'Kane, Barry Mottershead, Richie Fitzgerald, Neil Britton, Peter Craig, Rick Hutton, Dylan Stott, Kurt Rist, Andrew Cotton, Al Mennie, the boat driver Michal Czubala, my mate Mick and me on the boat watching the show.
  Everyone was towing into some nice waves and if you think they should've been paddling like Al, well take a good close look at this shot, pretty damn heavy. Fair balls to the big red nut for giving it a go paddling thou. Thanks to everyone out there for making it a very memorable day, one I will not forget, cheers Michal for driving the boat.
   Keep an eye out for the next Tonnta as hopefully there might be a couple of shots squeezed in, in time for the up coming issue out in a few weeks.

Mikee on the first wave of the day

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  1. Always very welcome , i very enjoy my self that they , that was so brutal :) cheers 2 everybody , best wishes .MCzubala