Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cover baby

I think it's any photogs dream to get a cover of a magazine, it has certainly been something I've wanted for a while now. I'm stoked to say I am a very happy chappy as I finally got one of my photos on the cover of a surfing magazine, good on ya Wavelength, thanks sooooo much. The timing of it all is pretty insane, as it all happened pretty much a week before I was to leave Ireland for good and at a "Prowlers" where we have been trying to get pumping for a long long time. On top of all this it's of Andrew Cotton who was the very first person I ever photographed towing in a few years ago at Aileens...ever, how frign freaky is that!? Also my camera had stopped working the week before and I got offered a 50D from Richard Johnson (cheers mate, but we still going to beat yas in the rugby), which is another 5 megapixel greater than my 40D, so i had a better camera as well. Saying that thou, camera or no camera I still would've gone out to watch Prowlers break. Now with all this happening the way it did and all the coincidences it's kinda freaked me out a bit, hence why I haven't blogged in the last while, still trying to get my head around it all.
  So a big thank you to Tim and everyone else at Wavelength, cheers Richard for the camera, and a special thanks to Cotty who totaly deserves the cover, you're a little legend mate. Keep charging

Also the new issue of Tonnta is going to be out on the shelves next weekend just in time to fill those Xmas stockings. It's a pure photo issue so grab one quick before they go, beacause this one will sell out fast. I luv the cover of this issue, something totally different and looks really amazing. Good on ya boys

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