Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a send off...

I had a speech in my noggin all sorted it for my farewell party, but when I stood up and turned to everyone who had came out, all I could say was "Shit". I nearly lost it and had to try and pull myself together. I never dreamed this many people would turn up. Finally a few words came out and we started the slideshow. Everyone was hooting and with the odd "ohhhh noooooo" for the wipeouts. We then proceeded to have a few drinks, maybe 1 or 2 too many for most as the surf was good the next day but most stayed in bed. At one stage every corner I turned in the pub a shot of god knows what was put in me hand. It was so cool talking to everyone and partying it up, a long time coming. I've always respected Strandhill and what this little beautiful seaside town stands for ever since I first drove around Knocknarea back in August 2000. Thank you so much everyone for making it an extra special nite, a nite I will never forget. It was great to get the whole gang out in the Strand again. Here's a couple of shots courtesy of me good mate John Heffernan.(by the way that was your fault for the jagermeisters as I had to pay you back for that stomach churning drink you made me have hahaha)

 When I thought my time was over here in Ireland and I could just chill out for a few days, a swell came in that we've been waiting for for 5 years. Conditions were pretty much perfect. I had written off "Prowlers" for me as there was only just over a week for me left in Ireland. The timing of it was uncanny and surreal. Only 4 hrs sleep was had over the last 2 nights, so I wasn't feeling the greatest. But there was no way we were going to miss this. Prowlers was beyound expectations breaking alot heavier than we all imagined, the slab only a few feet below as it drained off. Cotty was the test dummy and rode it with confidence and style. I can't really say too much more at this stage but Paul reckons he was gunning it at almost 60km/hr to flick the boys into the beast. Check out the Irish Times anyway, Cotty scored the front page, legend Cotty. Big respect to Andrew Cotton, Al Mennie, Paul O'Kane's insane driving, Richie Fitzgerald, Barry Mottershed, Jeremy Johnson and the boat driver Daniel. Thanks for the send off Ireland. Ireland and all the great people and surf will always be in my heart.
Cotty going hard

The crew
Strandhill's Angels

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  1. Nice one Aaron. Great Party and Congrats on the front page spread ;-) You are gunna be missed round the 'hill.