Friday, December 31, 2010

2 waves, 1 county...

Been living on the East coast for most of the year I didn't get much of a chance to catch the swells. But what swells I did get were pretty damn impressive. So here's 2 of the best swells of the season I caught up with at 2 totally different breaks in 1 county. Happy new years to ya all and hope 2011 treats everyone with good fortune and great waves. Some parting advice, I could rattle off over a dozen breaks virtually unsurfed in Ireland, quality breaks so go search, walk over that hill where beyond could be your dreams come true, it won't kill you...

The Mighty Mullaghmore

Dave before he got barrelled of his nut

Mikee loving it, his favourite big wave

Neil eyeing the beast up

Pete getting the ride of his life

Rick cruzzing it

Prowlers perfection

Paul just chilling out

Richie look behind ya & calm

Barry about to get engulfed but makes it

Jeremy's 1st wave in Ireland...ever!!

Al charging it

Cotty going for gold


  1. epic shots, epic waves, epic place. cheers Aaron hope you have a smashing 2011

  2. Savage shots matey hope your settling in at home miss them big bear hugs hehehe :D big love from me n the family Mikee