Friday, December 17, 2010

Jeremy Flores takes Pipe Masters in memory of Andy

Andy Irons - Photo Brian Bielmann
  The Pipe Masters in memory of Andy Irons is one I will never forget. Andy was a great surfer and will be remembered by all.

  Jeremy Flores takes his first tour win this year picking his barrels carefully and tactfully. A well desreved win taking out 10x world champ Kelly Slater in a breath taking semi-final with a long long barrel, probably the longest of the event. Once again it was Backdoor that produced the goods with the north swell.
   Yesterday saw consistant 4ft barrels, lite winds and sunny enough to burn me face to a crisp even thou I had 50+ sun screen on, a hat and sat most of the day in the shade! Gotta luv been a red head. It was an awesome day of waves yesterday and there was some incredible barrels had. Today was a bit more inconsistant but what waves did come through were taken advantage of. A big crowd was around for all 3 days and about 2 million worth of cameras! So here's a few shots from my perspective and probably another 200 photogs! Congratulations to Jeremy and good luck for next year.

Hmmmm...a bit close maybe?

This is what you tell the judges if you don't want a 10!

If you know who this is & she's over 21 can I have her phone number please?
   Meanwhile at Off The Wall this sorta shit was going down...

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