Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Pipe's day...

Not Pipe!

  I walked down to the Pipe Masters today early thinking I might be one of the first photogs there..errr ummm NO I wasn't. Had to be at least 100 when I arrived at 7:30am! Still thou I got me self a cosy spot down in front looking into the barrel of about 45 degrees. The 600mm lens photogs must get pissed off with the 400mm lens photogs, then they get pissed off with the compact camera people and then they get pissed off with the stoned spectators who just stand in front of everyone hahaha. Pipe wasn't breaking at all really so the comp was held at Backdoor. It was good early in the morning but the winds swung slightly and gave it a crumbly look later on. Some sik barrels went down. I took a few shots amongst the madness then decided to look elsewhere for waves. Found this spot going off it's nut, the perfect big wave paddle spot. About a dozen guys out at most and it was firing. From what people were saying the best it's been for a long time. These guys were ripping it, serious drops, pulling into insane barrels and carving it up. They were really going hard so I've knicknamed this session the "The real Billabong ******* Masters"

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  1. Sweet pics Aaron - love hearing the stories and news from afar.