Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Backdoor, OTW, photogs & snapped boards

Better bring a bit of a quiver

  Well the day finally arrived for me to see Pipe breaking, actually it was Backdoor but can't complain, best waves today I saw thou was at Off the wall, little bigger than Backdoor and more of a barrel. When I saw how many photogs were in the water I was glad I'm a beached whale photog, I can't get my head around how they don't hit surfers or get run over, was a bit freaky to watch. OTW was pretty impressive to watch, so many barrels and broken boards. It wasn't big at all but clean and hollow. Some nice waves down at Rockpiles were being had by a lucky small crew of 3 or 4 while the other breaks had up to 50 or so on each. I'm pretty stoked to see it pumping at last and it looks good for tomorrow's Pipe day. Bring it on
Happy days

Ahhhh hahaha you have to be joking

Ohhhh crap

The classic Pipe shot

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