Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wahines of Hawaii

The photo above tells a story of it's on. The young lady was out ripping it up, surfing really good, picking off waves as they came to her and making them. It's seems a lot of the guys here have some sorta point to prove. I saw blatant snaking, taking off on waves that weren't even there's. Then they would try to pop an air or rediculace maneuver and not even try to make it, they just try to get as high as possible then kick the board away without even attempting to land it. This guy ended up head butting his board, result i guess...
  So todays shots are dedicated to the Wahines on Hawaii keeping it real
Kim Diggs

Gabby's girlfriend


Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis

Coco Ho

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  1. great shots aaron. these girls are ripping! making me wana go there ;-)