Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barrelling Bundoran

Went for a walkabout today and ended up at Fundoran, nice little waves coming thru, the usual spots working. Neil Britton was out along with Emmet Doherty, they looked a bit stuffed from the session earlier in the morning before i turned up, sounded like the peak was really cookn. This little spot i got to in time was barrelling it's tits off, young Cian Logue from Ballyshannon was pulling into some real gems getting a couple of nice cover ups, a couple of bodyboarders out there got a 7 second barrel each according to the time sequence on me camera, sik stuff, but the surfer of the day was Damien Conway from Lahinch, you could really tell the lad has surfed alot of reefs around Clare, taking late drops with ease and pulling into the barrel effortlessly, was worth the trip up, the sun was even out for a change.
Emmet Doherty

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