Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter '07

Everyone seems to be doing a bit of videoing these days so i thought i'd better jump on the band wagon before my hard drive packs up. Back in 2006 i bought me self a crappy camcorder just to muck around with and it broke in 2008! It just so happened that i had ended up capturing the swell of the decade in Feb '07, Doolin was just a white water mess, including the locals many have said there were waves of 80ft on the face at Aileens this day, when you watch this keep in mind i filmed this at high tide and Aileens is barrelling it's tits off and check out how it's breaking on the stack at high tide too! Some really scary footage at the start of someone getting rolled over boulder alley at Aileens. Al getting whipped in by Cotty on a perfect monster peak, with some smaller waves towed by Axi and Benjiman putting on a mental display of barrel riding earlier in Dec '07, my apologies for the camera zoomed out so far, i was taking photos at the same time which brought me to the idea below. And some footage of Steve towing Tom and Paul towing Duncan New Years eve '07. Music by "No us for a name". It's only short and the camera quality is absolute shite but enjoy anyways, something from the past.

The idea occurred to me while trying to film and photograph at the same time at Aileens in '07, i finally decided to take my idea to good mate Graham recently, he polished the design off and carved it out of a solid block of Aluminum, and this is the result. Cheers Graham, all i need now is for someone to sponsor me a decent camcorder...please

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