Monday, November 9, 2009

Mental Mullaghmore

What a day of everything, the weather was the normal doom and gloom but we didn't care cause the waves were insane, one hell of a big day for Mullaghmore, great crew of guys on it, really worked together well, there was Mikee, Paul, Al, Cotty, Duncan surfing, with Dave as back up & safety as well as taking a bit of video alot bit closer than we could get in the boat, had Declan driving the boat with myself and Joe trying to get something on the cameras through the rain & misty spray rocking about like no tomorrow. Mikee took the rope first being the only Goofy foot out there and bagged a couple of bombs that we missed due to unforseen circumstanes with the boat which made us an hour late, apparently one of his waves was just mental, also missed Cotty's bomb that nailed him big time ripping off his £700 brand new knee brace & almost his leg too!! Once we were out there it was really bumpy and heaving. I couldn't help but wonder if all these guys are nuts or just so stoked on surfing that they couldn't pass this up. I was crapping myself as everytime i went to shoot some shots i nearly fell out of the boat with all the chop! It was great to see it all from the water thou as this was the first time here for me from that angle, pretty unreal. Duncan got some impressive waves, seemingly not fazed by the size of it all. Paul got some great ones and did a stonking job on the driving and big Al got the squarest wave i have ever seen. For more of a story go to Wavelength. Can hardly wait till the next time, cheers guys

Mikee gunning it


  1. Sick looking wave.....

  2. could you pleeeeeeeeeeease post more photos if you have them? great stuff either way, and thanks.