Monday, November 30, 2009

Mikee & Paul do exercise with RNLI

Paul O'Kane got a phone call from John Garvey in the Sligo Bay RNLI a few months back interested in doing an exercise with a tow surfing crew. With the increasing amount of people taking up surfing and other water sports it wasn't rocket science that it was a good idea to do an exercise with the RNLI so they can see how maneuverable jetskis are, tow surfing rescue methods and how this can be used in the aid of people in trouble in surf, it also gave us a better understanding of the RNLI procedures and rescue methods if tow surfers ever needed to be rescued. Then 3 weeks ago we had a big day at Mullaghmore which allowed a couple of RNLI people to see first hand how Mikee and Paul and other tow teams surf big waves and go in and get there tow partners if they were caught inside with mountains of whitewater raining down on them. They were fairly impressed by that and thought they were all nuts, so seeing that they decided to do an exercise a few weekends later. It was a great help to both parties as we all learned alot from each other, we did everything from the RNLI guiding us through thick fog into clearer waters which was really spooky, demostrating picking up injured people and the different methods of doing this between the RNLI boat and the jetski and seeing how the RNLI boat performed at towing a jetski was pretty impressive. It was a really good day and well worth the effort put in. On behalf of Mikee and Paul we would like to thank the Sligo Bay RNLI crew for an entertaining day and we're looking forward to working together in the future, cheers.
Dummy rescue
Mikee rescuedThe RNLI doing a pick up exercise with Mikee as the man in trouble, they were very fast and efficient as they swooped in on Mikee from half a mile out. I was very impressed by how quickly they accessd the situation and by how the driver got the boat in position perfectly so the crew could grab him with ease.
Tow surf rescuePaul demostrating here to Stephen on how they approach someone who needs to be rescued, it looks easy in calm water circumstances like this but imagine what it's like with 30ft of white water bearing down on you. The RNLI crew were well impressed with Mikee and Paul's rescue methods and professional attitude to it all.
Rescue deviceThe RNLI showing us how they use a simple mat with handles on as one of many ways to get someone onto the safety of their boat as quick and safely as possible.
Ingenious step ropeThis was the simpliest thing but absolutely a brainwave of an idea. A strap clipped onto the side of the boat to be used as a step ladder, we were well impressed with this, makes life alot easier.

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