Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home is calling

I got an email from NZ telling me to check out NZ Surfing mag online for a look at a beast of a wave they had recently surfed for the first time back home. I straight away got on to mum to send me a copy over(cheers mum, and thanks for the socks), it arrived yesterday in the post and wow it blew me away, after seeing how you don't really need a big swell to get big waves over here in Ireland I knew there would be some gold in surf soaked NZ. This wave is 20 or so km's off the coast so all that produced this was a 4m swell, i am loving it. Cory Scott was the photographer, the lads who took it on were Sam Willis, Damon Gunness, Daniel Kereopa, Felix Dickson, 2 skis and a 14ft boat with spare fuel and a band aid! Fiar balls to them, they surfed for 6 hrs solid in sunshine, from what i hear they're still grinning ear to ear. It's got me pumped for now i know not only are there tow spots being found but there are some damn good surfers amped to tackle them, can hardly wait to get home. So much potential and espeacially at places like this where a good part for the year it's near glassy conditions with the sun out.
Thee mag

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